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NOTE: Names "Oridea Hyperpad" and "Hyperpad notes journal" means the same. Hyperpad is a very simple notepad with HTML support. With the Oridea Hyperpad, you can store your notes, view a list with small parts of each note and edit they.

Hyperpad is Oridea application, which currently can run only on Oridea Nex, where it is integrated. Regardless of this fact, you can easily remove it. You can see screenshot of Hyperpad work here.

As a part of Oridea project, Hyperpad is open source and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is written by Andrew Sklyarevsky in April, 2004.

NOTE: Hyperpad saves your notes in the Oridea Data Storage System (ODSS), which currently not guarantee security of your notes. Do not save your notes in the Hyperpad if somebody except you has access to your computer.
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